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Marijuana Entire Course

What we will be covering:> How To Become A Patient (State Requirements)> Selecting a doctor, reasons for choosing a medical marijuana doctor, finding a medical marijuana doctor that’s right for your business> Difference between state I.D. card and Doctor Recommendation> How to obtain a state I.D. card and become a state registered healthcare provider> Reasons pro/con for getting state I.D. card> Creating Your Business Plan> Definition of Collectives and Cooperatives> Business and Marketing Options for Collective Members> Starting a Delivery Service, Dispensary, Edibles Operation or Grow Operation legally and efficiently>What is the concept of your collective?> Bylaws and Constitutions> Growing For Collectives and Travelling With Medicine> How to fill out the paperwork:> Unincorporated Associations and Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corps> Choosing an Attorney and an Accountant: what to ask and what to look for> Membership Agreements and How They Work> Getting Your Business License and Seller’s Permit> Deciding on a Patient Verification System> Websites, Marketing Materials and Advertising> Insurance and Supply> General Business Practices> State Law and Important Medical Marijuana Cases to Remember> Choosing a Location for your Dispensary or Grow Op:> Zoning, Moratoriums, Bans, Ordinances and Law Enforcement Encounters> Is this Industry Right For You?> Budgets for Dispensary, Delivery, Grow-Op/Edibles Op

We will have one or more of the top industry master growers on hand to give you a three-hour demonstration on growing and an overview of the industry. How to grow, how to create a compliant grow, legal limitations and requirements, and standard business practices regarding growing will be covered. Every aspect of starting a home or commercial grow will be explored. You may ask any growing and cultivation questions you may have.
We will have a top cannabis industry chef on hand to show you how to make medical marijuana edibles. We will discuss, tinctures, concentrates, oils, candies, and alternative methods of delivery. We will discuss cooking for the terminally ill and how to create custom recipes. We will help you to train your collective members to cook for their terminally ill loved ones and how to titrate dosages properly. How to work for collectives and create a memorable brand for your food line is also discussed.

> Marketing your Business (Directory Listing Sites)> Independent, Dependent, and Online Marketing Strategies> Print Advertising Strategies> Patient Tracking and ROI> Patient Retention and Referral Programs> Branding yourself amongst 1000′s> Obtaining your state registration card> Travelling with your medicine, what is safe, what is not.

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